Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Eyes Have It...

And what may I ask are you looking at?

What?.... I'm waiting for my Audition in the next Twilight Movie...


  1. You have just the look to beat that Kristin person to the Bella character. Which is fine if you like that unwashed boy look.

  2. Hangs head in shame having not seen the Twilight stuff....
    But I like the fish all the same.

  3. Dear Petra
    That unwashed boy look can be quite appealing until you discover that that it's not just a look!

    Dear Scarlet

    There is no shame to be had in not seeing any of the twilight stuff.
    I haven't seen it either.

    I liked the fish... I could tell you that it is a feisty vampire fish... but I'm sure I'd be very wrong...

  4. ...But we could still name him "Fang" though?

  5. That is one wicked fish! He seems to be saying, "Sushi? I'll make sushi out of you, chump!"