Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Now Showing at "The Palais"....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

I appologise for missing  "Hitchcockorama"  last week. I  would have gone with "The Birds" and Tippy Hedron.

Our wonderful host  Boxer given her latest post I thought might have gone either with a Disaster movie theme or something to do with Divine Intervention...

Well anyway... the chosen theme for Wednesday The 30th of March 2011 (Gosh where did March go?) could incorporate either I suppose... and is...

"Favourite Elizabeth Taylor Movie"

"The only son of wealthy widow Violet Venable dies while on vacation with his cousin Catherine. What the girl saw was so horrible that she went insane; now Mrs. Venable wants Catherine lobotomized to cover up the truth."

Based on Tennisee Williams Play. This movie Bought to the screen ideas of homosexuality, cannibalism and mental illness.

All quite confronting I would think for 1959 audiences

Not her greatest but one that had me spellbound.

Whenever Liz played opposite  the dishy Montgomery Clift... there was a real almost palpable chemistry. If ever there was a case of unrequited love both on and off the silver screen... this relationship was I think a perfect example!

I'll be keen to see what everyone else comes up with this week so will be around to visit later Dhaaarlings...

It was just a shame that Liz was up against Kate for the Oscar in this movie... But then they both missed out

Until then... Happy Movie Clip Wednesday


  1. "I love men in bed, but I really love women"
    -- Montgomery Clift

  2. I first saw this in film school and was intrigued by its sophisticated-for-the-time themes. How on earth did it get past the censors? Anyway, I adore Liz and have seen all her movies, and while this certainly wasn't one of her best performances, the movie itself is great.

    Thanks for playing in Haiku Monday and for the ode to Eau Sauvage :o) I hope you play next week, too.

  3. Dear MJ

    My sentiments exactly!
    I had a wonderful Aunt that always made reference to Monty when we were alone together and would give me a knowing wink at the same time. I was only in my early teens at the time... But she obviously saw me struggling with my sexuality. And I think in her subtle way was letting me know that I was fine....

    Hi Moi

    Haiku Monday was fun and I will try to give it a go again this week coming.
    I realise after I posted that my count was out... but hey I'm a beginner....

    I was given a bottle of Eau Savage for my 21st Birthday by a darling work colleague. She presented it to me saying. Oh you will love this... "Nicky" (one of the openly gay staffers) wears it all the time.
    I was mortified! Still way in
    denial and at the back of the closet!
    Took me another 10 years to get the message! just a slow learner I guess.....

  4. Good morning Princess,

    I've not seen this, although it looks like an interesting story. Another one to go on to my ponderous must see list.

    I hope you're enjoying my tomorrow.

  5. Ooh! I've never seen this and now I really, really want to. Perfectly dishy 1950's melodrama. Thanks for playing AND picking a new movie for me. Happy MCW!

  6. It's interesting that you, me and Boxer all chose different Liz and Montgomery Clift movies - and there were only three. I've not seen this one but she and Monty did have good chemistry on screen, even if it was pure acting.

    Happy MCW!

  7. One of my favorite movies. Katherine Hepburn at the end going crazy and ascending in her throne of an elevator...However when Liz describes the peasants playing the tin instruments and gobbling his flesh really gets to the issue doesn't it?

  8. I remember this movie! I thought, "Whoa!" with the big revelation scene of what really went down.

    I thought it was great flick!

  9. One of my all time favorites!! It's the reason I wear a white one-piece when I go to the beach.