Saturday, March 26, 2011

Getting Crabby At "The Palais"........

Hello Dhaaarlings...

As I was saying yesterday... today was "Crab Apple Jelly Day"

I've never made Crab Apple anything before so this was a first for me...

I wondered how a pot full of these...

Could be turned into jars of  this...


Beautiful... Pink... Sweet... Apple flavoured jelly

All with just a bit of
 Straining and Stirring and Adding of Sugar...

I was impressed... And it tastes just Divine...

My next mission is to tackle a box of Quinces...

To see if I can't turn them into a paste...


  1. What a beautiful color, we used to put up crab apples in a spicy sweet syrup.

  2. Good job. Looks yummy.

    Oh Hai Wally!

  3. Looks delicious Princess. Was you wearing a pair of these?

  4. You must have cupboards fit to bursting, Princess!
    And with more to do, too? Wherever do you find the time?

  5. My mum used to make crab apple jelly - and yes, it was delish.

  6. Wally

    The colour is just fabulous... I was really pleased...

    Thanks XL

    I have another batch on cooking while I'm replying to your comments.


    Thank you for your links. I was indeed wearing my apple catchers. I never visit an orchard without them... unless of course it is a clothing optional establishment.

    I wonder if a certain Mr Beast could have used a crochet banana cover? You have after all had a bitterly cold winter.

    Mr DeVice

    You are correct... Cupboard space is becoming a premium around here. An I am starting to run short of jars.
    It will be a trip around the opportunity shops this week for more supplies...

    As far as time goes... I don't have a real paying job.
    This sort of activity helps to fill my days.

    Miss Scarlet

    Some Mums just have the skills to create delicious treats...

  7. Do you have a pair of QuinceCatchers or do the applecatchers do double duty?