Friday, March 25, 2011


Hello Dhaaarlings...

Princess has been busy this week cooking up a storm again with fresh fruits!

Yesterday it was Fig Jam Day... Having raided a Dear Neighbours tree and...

Turning these little Turkeys...

Well.... these are just the leftovers

Into this...

Fig and Fig and Ginger Jam Dhaaarlings...

Tomorrow is Crab Apple Jelly Day!


So... Do I give a Fig?

Well... Of course... After It's been turned into Jam I do....

And Guess what I'm having on my toast for Brekky Dhaaarlings.....


  1. Good morning Princess,

    Looks yummy. You make a jam with fig and ginger? What an interesting combination.

    I've made a tire garden, inspired by you. Two of them are going to be specifically for potatoes. A while back you sent me your recommendation for the soil mixture for potatoes. I put it someplace where I wouldn't forget where it was, so of course I forgot where it was. Could you please post it for me again.

  2. The first house we bought when I was a kid included two fig trees. I was in charge of harvesting the figs when it was time to make preserves. I don't care for figs anymore.

  3. @xl: That's funny, when I lived on the ranch. One of my chores was to harvest okra and green beans. It took me years to get to the point of the eating green beans again and I still won't touch okra.

  4. FIGS!

    My friend has a fig tree and there's nothing sweeter than fresh from the tree.

  5. Hi Karl,
    On the Potato Front!
    Fill the tyres full to overflowing with dirt and whatever manure feed you choose. The potatoes will grow out and under the edges of the tyre wall and you will find new tubers there at harvest time.

    I still have 2 beds in the ground to be harvested. The ones grown in the tyres were a great success and we are still eating our way through them at the moment. There is only two of us to feed so they do go a long way. And I hope to keep enough to use for seed next year.

    Good luck!

  6. Xl,
    It's funny how sometimes the chores we had in our youth effect our tastes as adults. A stint at picking Pumpkins and Tomatoes to earn some pocket money was enough to stop me from wanting to eat either for many years.

    Figs are just beautiful picked fresh from the tree. Preserving them makes the sweetness last all year round. If I lived a little closer you'd be welcome to a jar or two!

  7. I had to work in a vineyard sometimes, but I still like wine.

  8. Hi Mago,
    I have a grape vine in the garden but it never fruits. it grows under a large gum tree and I don't think it gets enough sunshine to be productive... but it doesn't stop my enjoyment of a quiet wine either...

  9. A movie poster for Moulin Rouge!

    I would have never thought.. You must explain this

  10. Mmmm...
    You are more than welcome to enjoy my new york experience vicariously as long as I'm allowed to enjoy your tasty preserves & produce vicariously....

    Oh hai everybody!

  11. Dearest Petra,
    Allow me to explain. Moulin Rouge was released around the time I was designing bustierre's as part of my fashion design course. the movie was full of corsetry.. As much as I loathe Ms Kidman /Cruise /Urban this is the one role that I could tolerate her in... Oh... and the fact that the yummy Ewan McGregor was the love/lust interest. I put the poster up on my collage/inspiration board and as you can see it remains there to this day..


    Taste away... You are most welcome....

  12. You deserve to have a chat show. segments with crafts and stars and such. "Preserves with Princess" and "Princess with her People".

    Stick with me Princess and we'll claw our way to the top.

    Honestly I know of what you speak as I have a muscadine, (bronze scuppernongs), vineyard in my backyard. The lesbians on the corner make wine, jams and jelly from the bounty.

    Lord bless the lesbians.

  13. Fig and ginger sounds fabulous. Have you ever cooked them down with orange peel? Tasty.

  14. ayem8y

    She probably already has blessed the Lesbians!
    A chat show would be fun I think...
    Somewhere to display my wares. Demonstrating handy household tips, Growing your own foods and demonstrating how things were made way back when there was no other option. A place to meet like minded souls and share some knowledge.
    Re visiting the past methods of producing things is I think a direction a lot of people are exploring these days and a lot of us yearn for times when life was much simpler and held just a little more meaning.

    Perhaps I could get you to have a regular segment. "And now It's over to our Naked Gardener...ayem8y to see where he's hanging out this week"....

    Hell.. It could even go Prime Time!

    Hello Mr Peenee

    No... I havn't tried the orange peel as yet but... I'm about to have a go at another batch... You are very timely with your suggestion darling thank you! I'll pop some peel in the pot and see how it goes...