Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Now Showing at "The Palais"....

Hellooo Dhaarlings....

It's Movie Clip Wednesday once again and this weeks theme is another terrific choice from our "Hostess with the Mostest"...  "Boxer"...

Best drug/drunk scene from a movie - comedy or drama. 

It took a while for Princess to get around to seeing this movie as initially all the hype around it turned me off. But Mr Tarantino is a director that you either love or hate... and over the years I have warmed somewhat to his movies.

So several years after its release I gathered the courage to hire it from the video store and locked myself away for a night of what turned out to be incredible sensual abuse...

It was in your face and up front, confronting in it's portrayal of the seedier side of life, gripping, shocking at times, incredibly funny dialogue with an interesting and quirky cast.

The music was great and the dance scene is one that will stay with me forever 
I think has become a cult classic. 

Initially this scene shocked the hell out of a delicate Princess, (well the whole movie did for that matter) whom had led a relatively sheltered and pure existence in regard to the ins and outs of the drug scene up to this point in his life...
But there are some great comedic moments with the rapid fire dialogue, chaos and mayhem throughout the scene...

And for Old times sake here's that dance scene

Happy MCW Dhaaarlings!...


  1. The OD scene is my favorite in the entire movie! Rosanna Arquette's line kills me every time!

    I made a point of going to McDonalds in Paris so I could order a Royale With Cheese.

  2. A classic scene. "prank caller! prank caller!"

    Happy MCW Princess. Hope you are well.

  3. Happy MCW, Princess!

    I agree with you on your assessment of Tarantino. When he's good, he's great. But for me, Pulp Fiction is a movie whose parts are greater than its ultimate whole. The Uma/Travolta dance scene is classic, though. Uma is so tres, tres cool in this, I immediately went out and got her haircut, that outfit, and three bottles of Chanel nail color in Vamp. I passed on the cocaine, however :o)

  4. i talked about this on my MCW. the scene that killed me is when she does OD - the part where she thinks its coke and the recognition on her face of horror that it wasnt.

    Eric Stoltz is great in this. such a skeeze and i loved rosanna arquette too.

    great choice.

    Happy MCW

  5. I almost went with Pulp Fiction too. One of the greatest movies ever made. It's almost as psychotic as GoodFellas - almost. Vincent talk about the different types of heroin and theen Vincent shoots up. Then hes just driving along with that smile on his face. Those people are in front of me on the highway all the time.

    This ain't Amsterdam, Vince. This is a sellers market. Coke is f-ng dead as... dead. Heroin, it's coming back in a big f-ig way.

    Happy MCW!