Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Now Showing at "The Palais"....

Hello Dhaarlings...

It's Movie Clip Wednesday again... 

and to Quote Our Gracious Host Boxer here's how to join in all the Fun

"Movie Clip Wednesday is fun and easy. Find a three minute or less clip of a movie that fits the weekly theme. Post it on your blog and then come here to say "I'm Up." Visit the other participants and have fun learning more about our fellow bloggers and possibly finding some movies to watch." 

The theme for Wednesday 9th March 2011 is...

 Best Movie Set in England/Ireland/Scotland and WALES! 

 I was delighted to read this as the theme for this week as I just love a good movie set anywhere in "The Old Dart"

I do hope that you will forgive my indulgence as I've been a little greedy in the fact that I have chosen not one...
 but four movies for this week.

I would like to present for your viewing pleasure my choices of my favourite from each of the countries mentioned.


The Queen

Ireland (Norn Ireland)

The Crying Game


Mrs Brown


How Green Was My Valley

And a final mention from the Isle of Mann..

Waking Ned Devine

So there you have it Dhaaarlings. My choices for this weeks MCW

And might I be so bold as to mention all of the "Harry Potter" Movies as they are all set in the British Isles or parts thereof...

You can read all about each of the individual movies by clicking on the title...

Have a great week now..... Won't you?

It will possibly take that long to watch all these clips Daaarings...

Happy MCW!

Oh and check my previous post for another Brit film for 

International Women's Day


  1. Excellent coverage!

    wv: droma

  2. I love The Queen!

    Another brilliant movie set in England is Spice World. Pure class!

  3. You covered them all! Crying Game is one of my favorites and I remember wanting to see "The Queen" but I forgot about it and thanks to your pick I think I'll put this back on my list of "must see." Thanks!

    Oh hai CyberPete! Your choice of "SPICE WORLD" is excellent and you should think about playing this week. It's not too late.

    Happy MCW Princess. Thanks for playing. I always look forward to your picks.

  4. I actually have posted something movie related, although not very English. Although I can tell you that I am going to watch The King's Speech today after work. Not terribly excited about it though.

  5. I've seen and enjoyed them all except The Queen (it's on my list to watch) and Harry Potter.

    Believe it or not, I've not seen a single Harry Potter film nor read a single Harry Potter book.

  6. Fabulous selection, Princess! I love The Queen. Helen Mirren does her so well and you all now how I feel about Billy Connolly too. His John Brown was just magnificent. I don't think I've ever seen How Green Was My Valley. And I keep meaning to watch The Crying Game but not getting around to it.

    As for Harry Potter, he was a staple of my children's childhood and the films are very good.

    Happy MCW!

  7. Whoa! Guess you just about covered it :o) I've seen all these (The Queen is brilliant), including the Harry Potters (even though I've never read a single Harry Potter book). Happy MCW!

  8. Thank you XL

    We did double up on the Welsh though...

    Dear Petra

    I'd almost wiped that from my memory bank... Thanks for the recall...

    Dear MJ

    You mean to say that you are a "Potter Virgin"! How remarkable...

    Dear Joanna

    Mirren is wonderful in everything she does... do try and watch "the crying game" one day... I think you would enjoy it...

    Dear Moi

    I had a real hoot this week finding all these movie's that are all on my watch often list.... I'm afraid i'm a harry potter tragic... I even succumbed to making my own Wizard Costume!

  9. Good morning Princess,

    Excuse me for being late. Quite the production you've put together. I've seen and enjoyed all but the Queen.

    Good day to you.