Monday, March 28, 2011

Haiku Monday on Tuesday....

Haiku Monday is a happening thing over at "Bite the Apple" with our

Priestess of High Fashion and hostess  "Moi"

This weeks theme is 


I've never tried writing a Haiku before... so thought I'd give it a go and dip my toe into the lemon scented pond this week...

With Two Entries!

As lemon scents go...
Dior's "Eau Savage" is fine...
For attracting same sex too!

Judge me, judge me not
I can be as sour as lemon
Bitter to the end

So there you have it...

Good luck everyone
Pop on over to Moi's a check out the other entries and see the terrific prize that is up for grabs this week!


  1. Make them pay...
    Make them all pay...
    Ripened grape wants not...
    I win.
    (there's some alka-seltzer in the cubby above the fridge).

  2. You're never sour... more likely lemon fresh!

  3. Are you wearing your LemonCatchers?

  4. *scratches head*

    I see my picture there and it's definitely not on my blog. *sigh*

    I like the second haiku best. I don't know much about the form at all, but I knows what I likes.

  5. Lemsip and a wank
    A cure for whatever ails
    and feel much better.

    Two plums and a banana
    small peach and a pair
    Lemon makes apple white.

  6. *Snaps fingers to show appreciation of Princess's poetry*

    When life gives you lemons, you make margaritas!