Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Katrina's Big Ugly Bitch Sister... *ANOTHER UPDATE*

Compare and contrast if you will...

Yasi is now a tropical low sitting her rather broad arse right over Mt Isa, (1000 km inland) from initially setting her ugly croc covered feet down at Mission Beach.  She cut a path west from there leaving a wake distruction and havoc...
I don't think she likes bananas or sugarcane... squishing them flat on her way. 

She is also quite opioinated when it comes to her taste in housing. Sparing some and totally obliterating others often right next door to each other.

 She is now sitting and having a good old weep on her way to Alice Springs in Central Australia, dumping heaps of rain.

The current death toll stands at 1 with another 2 people missing.

A young chap has been found asphixiated by fumes from the generator he was using while bunkerd down to avoid the cyclones fury.

Townsville... South of the direct impact Zone sufferd major flooding from storm surges and torrential rain with waves being recorded at 9 metres out in Cleeveland Bay (Usually a millpond in comparison.)

"The Strand" a foreshore walk in Townsville

There have been damages to houses and property but again no loss of life.

Cardwell recieved huge storm surges..

Main street and North/ south Highway at Cardwell. The foreshore is normally 300 metres from the main road... Not any more...

The new marina at Cardwell...

It it truly amazing that more lives were not lost. It is a credit to the national and state disaster planning authorities for implimenting mandatory evacuation orders for people living in low lying areas, 30,000 households were evacuated in Townsville alone.
And the north Queensland people themselves need to take a big bow for following all instructions from authorities as the disater unfolded.
Many left the region early, of their own volition or arranged to move to areas where the impact would be lessened.

People were warned that during the height of the storm that Emergency services would be bunkered down and would not even try to respond to calls for rescue due to the danger posed to emergency workers.

 There has been only one reported call of this occuring, the people involved had been asked to evacuate from their home by emergency workers eight hours earlier and refused to do so. They had decided not to heed the warnings staying put in one of the villas at the marina pictured above.

The township of Tully

Townsvilles (pop. 100,000) water supply is threatened with housholds being urged to save water until power can be re supplied to the water plant.
They are also threatended by major flooding in the region

It is not over Yet as the cleanup continues

Meanwhile... we still have isolated properties and townships in the north of the state along the border with New South Wales

And the bureau has just announced this...

An expected dumping of up to another 250 mm of rainfall over the coming weekend...

Everyone is again on a Flood Watch.
We had a flash flood here at "The Palais" of 50mm in a 5 minute cloudburst.

So it's a case of batten down the snatches and find yourself a set of snorkel and flippers...

"The Palais" remains high and dry apart from a leaky roof over the laundry area which provides a terrific opportunity to shower the Empress... she can be difficult to keep clean...

Love to you all and thank you for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts...   


It's a Big One...


1.17 am  Thursday 03 Feb 2011


Cyclone "Yasi" A catagory 5 Cyclone is rapidly bearing down on the North Eastern seaboard
The eye of the storm is 100 km across!

The storm is not due to cross the coast around 10 pm tonight (EST)
Already areas south of the storm are being directly impacted by torrential rain and strong winds.
The storm surges predicted are for 6-7 meters above the highest recorded tidal level
The next 24 to 48 hours are going to be devistating for many thousands of families living in our north.

If any of you are into Prayer and even if you are not... now is the time to start...

Major hospitals in Cairns in the path of the storm have been evacuated to Brisbane.... Still recovering from the recent Floods there.

Costal towns and cities between Cairns and Townsville have seen mandatory evacuation of people living in low lying areas threatened by storm surge.

This major disaster is unfolding in real time before our very eyes.

The Catagory 5 Cyclone is anticipated to effect 1000 kilometers of coastline and continue to travel slowly inland remaining at a catagory 3 cyclone up to 450 kilometers inland before it dissolves to a tropical low...

It is only just beginning.


  1. Oh honey.

    Be safe my darling. The soggy look, just doesn't suit you.

    You're in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Eeeeeeeeeek!!!

    Batten down your snatches!

  3. Oh crikey.

    Take care, Princess. Tie yourself to something; do not get blown away.

  4. You have been in my prayers since I first heard...
    Your country has really had her troubles lately, stay safe Princess..

  5. Dear All,
    The Empress and I are perfectly safe as we live right down the bottom of the country in Victoria.

    The major crisis is occuring in North Qheensland with 24/7 live coverage and updates.

    They are anticipating over a meter (3 feet) of rain to fall in the path of the cyclone along with extremely damaging winds of up to 300 kilometers an hour sustained over a 4 to 8 hour period.

    Storm surges in towns as far south as Townsville are already experiencing inundation of between 3-7 meters above the highest recorded tidal levels.

    I just pray for the safety of those in the Cyclone path that are bunkered down in their bathrooms and at evacuation centres with all hell breaking loose around them.

    We will probably only get some more rain from this event as a result but hopefully not as much as we got around these parts back in January.

    I'm battening down my snatch as we speak MJ just in case...

    Soggy is not a good look on me Roses and if this keeps up I'll be needing to hang my liver out to dry for a while too...

    Miss Scarlet
    Please be assured that I am lashing the Empress and Myself to a mast....I think it may be an old one of Mr Beasties...

    And thank you Wally... we are facing very trying times... But this too shall pass....

  6. No... My mistake... it was an old mast of Mr Pirates. I must say it does look very well used...

  7. I'm frightened, Auntie Em! I'm frightened!

  8. keeping you and your country in my thoughts, sugar! xoxox

  9. Getting blown used to be a good thing. Bless.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Stay safe darling.

  10. How is Townsville? [worried]

  11. I saw it on the news last night - winds of up to 200mph.
    Are you okay Princess?

  12. Poor Australia. What ever have you done to deserve this?

    All those wearing stripey tights and ruby slippers must be crapping themselves.

    Stay safe down in the south, Princess!

  13. Hello dear Princess - you are still with us?

  14. Glad to hear you're in the south, but I'll still pray...

  15. Oh dear... at least it appears to be winding down - and how in the world there wasn't much more loss of life...

    After everything you folks have had recently, it kinda makes you wonder what could possibly be next!

    Stay watchful, & stay safe!!!

  16. How are you my darling? I tried to send you an e-mail, hotmail was having none of it.

    You're in my thoughts and prayers.

  17. Have you lost your electricity?
    Thinking of you.

    wv: hotopic

  18. Hi Folks! At the moment I'm still on line... There is a new post up to explain the situation downunder!
    And Roses
    I did get tyou email and will reply soon...
    Thanks to all for your concern...
    We are very safe where we live and all is ok so far...