Friday, February 4, 2011

That Sinking Feeling....

It's wet Dhaaarlings and getting wetter

Yesterday afternoon we had 47mm (1and 3/4 inch) of rain in a five minute cloudburst.

In a Half hour period this evening we had another 30mm of rainfall and  it has steadily continued throughout the evening accompanied by magnificent lightning and thunderstorms... and I mean wall and window rattling thunder.

The Bureau of Meterology is now saying that the storms and rainfall are to intensify throughout the night.

All the rivers and townships that were in flood last month are again on high alert for rising flood waters

Our capital city of Melbourne is being hit by major flash flooding in the CBD and many suburbs have recieved over 100mm of rainfall already with houses being flooded and people being moved to emergency evacuation centres.
 58 people have had to be rescued from their cars attempting to drive through flood waters.
Public transport systems are in chaos.

The emergency services are stretched to the max with over 2000 calls for assistance in the past 4 hrs.
Power outages are occuring due to the intense lightning and storm activity.
Freeways in the city are turning into rivers.

I'm about to open a bottle of strong liquor....
As we could be in for a very long night.

Your more than welcome to strap on your wet weather gear and join me.

Keep Drinking I need all the corks I can get...


  1. I'm popping my cork for you PRONTO!

  2. Dear MJ

    Thank you Darling. Hold a party... Call Petra and Roses they are always good for a cork or twenty! I may need lots of corks before this is over...

  3. We have snow in Austin this morning! The weather gods have gone crazy!

  4. I'm drinking as fast as I can Princes.... corks are on their way...
    Hai xl, you are right, what is up with the weather?

  5. Keep dry and safe darling!

    Let's open a magnum bottle of Moët!

  6. You called darling?

    You know I'm good for at least a couple.

    I brought 3 bottles of a cheeky Spanish red and a bottle of bubbly for Cyberpete.

    Be safe and dry gorgeous one.

  7. Good morning Princess,

    A least I hope it is a good morning. You folks have certainly had more than your fair share of bad weather this year.

    I'm partial to screw tops myself once the bottles and the you can put the top back on and the bottle is more buoyant than just the cork. I will happily do my duty to get you all the flotation possible.

    If I may a question. When tire gardening, do you fill the whole tire with soil or just the open center? I'm trying to calculate how much soil mix I need to put together.

  8. Sorry that should say: once the bottles empty you can put the top back on

  9. Dear XL

    WTF! Snow in Austin? Best be getting MJ to knit you a willy warmer... Stay indoors and warm if you can...

    Thanks Wally

    Nice to see you bitches all comming to the party... If you find a "Mae West" pop her in with the corks darling... the old girl might just come in handy..

    Dear Pete
    thank you Darling... Just the one then? I think It might take more that a crate... drink up!

    Dear Roses

    Three cheeky spaniards will be very helpful thankyou. I'll get them all on buckets and mops.

    We remain high fairly dry... but a little soggy around the edges. Another 70 mm over night when I emptied the guage at 0800 this morning... Drink up darling....

    Dear Wally

    On the Tyre Gardening. I filled the tyres completely cramming the dirt right in until level with the uppers side wall and you have a circle of dirt in the centre. I have found that the potatoes will develop right out to the edge of the tyre...
    Keep those bottles comming thank you...

  10. I have some empty bottles that may come in handy for notes and such?

    Dear Princess, stay warm and safe. You have some sandbags or something for the case of emergency?

  11. Oh dear. I'm working on emptying the Veuve Cliquot bottles now.

    Stay dry darling!

  12. I'm a little confuzzled at present with so much happening down here...

    Woke up to flash flooding stepping out of the Palais into ankle deep water and torrents running down the driveway. Rain fall so heavy that the storm water drainage and downpipes could not cope with the volume.

    Eventually drained away in a matter of minutes after the deluge. Just left with verry wet feet!
    The potatoe comments were meant to be in response to Karl's Question. My appologies to both Karl and Wally for any confusion... But it might be just as helpful to Wally... should he be in the mood to plant out some potatoes in old car tyres...

    Thank you Dear Mago

    A massage and a bottle of something to drink would be just the ticket. Sandbaggers are on call
    if required...

    Dear Hayward

    Ah... Verve... My favourite kind...
    And the lables are an ideal colour for search parties to spot should one be washed away...

    We continue to remain high and partially dry apart from thismornings little excitement! There are many roads closed again due to being cut with flood waters right across the state.

    Brother and his family are isolated again due to road closures
    but they are safe where they live...

  13. Thank you for the update. I watched the news last night and it was all about Egypt. Poor Australia didn't get a look in, which I thought wasa bit off.
    Would you like to borrow a fluffy towell?