Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Now Showing at "The Palais"

Hello Dhaarlings...

Happy Birthday MCW!

I've missed Movie Clip Wednesday for the last few weeks as things have been a little damp around "The Palais" of late...

Milk River Madman has announced the end of his reign and is graciously passing the crown back to Boxer following a well needed  sabbatical...

Turns out that Boxer is taking up the mantle of host exactly 12 months since beginning this terrifying terrific Meme.

The theme for this week is...

"Favourite 1930's Movie"

I really must pay tribute to MRM's hosting for Boxer in absentia...
He has done a fantastic job and it can't be easy coming up with different themes week in week out... Hell he's said as much himself.

thanks Madman for your great hostmanship and continued participation
I hope...

Now... to this week theme...

I remember seeing this many years ago on TV...

Tho had forgotten it until I started trolling about the Utubers

I remember getting really scared when the Bogey men where released...

But Laurel and hardy did make me laugh... A Lot!

Happy MCW


  1. 1 1/2 hours?! 1 1/2 hours?! ARE YOU EFFIN KIDDING ME? Princess, so glad to have you back and safe and sound. Missed you brother. Sorry for the sarcasm but I'm in the bag. You see, I reached another year of age today. Fourtyfuckingeight. Yep, on this day, the eigth of February, I entered this Godforaken world. Couldn't be happier. My mother calls it "that fateful day" God love her.

    Glad to have you back dear friend. I've honestly missed you. Keep warm and dry.

    Thank you for the nice words and playing so faithfully. Happy MCW and as they say on Tyler Durden...FIRST!!!! Yes, to answer your question, I'm in the Crown.

  2. MRM shares a birthday with Ruf :)

    Princess, so glad to see you back safe and sound x

    Im afraid I've never been a great fan of Laurel and Hardy tho...

  3. Hey Madman,

    Happy Birthday... If I were there I'd shout you a round or two...
    I did miss playing along for the last couple of weeks. But it is good to be back.
    Things have settled down around here weather wise but the country is stuffed. The Agriculture and mining industries have taken a walloping in every state and it will be years before the infrastructure is re built.
    Not to mention the cost to families and individuals whose houses and businesses have been lost.
    But us Aussies are a tough mob. We will get through this too.

    Fourtyfukineight isn't so bad... Believe me...
    I'm turning fourtyfuckingnine in June!
    Have you received your membership to "The old Farts Club"?

    My nephews presented me with a certificate at 45. I thought they were a little tardy as they see anyone over thirty as an old fart!

    Anyway... enjoy your day mate.

    Hi Joanna

    Happy Birthday to Ruf Too.

    We were very safe where we live hardly effected at all though a little damp around the edges.
    Happy MCW too.

  4. I love comedies from the 30's, so much different than the big budget ones spewed out of H-Wood.

    Also glad to have you back and I look forward to many more MCW with you.

    Stay dry!! And thanks for letting us know about MRM. xoxo

  5. So wait, weather is an excuse not to play? ...damn. I can't see your clip but I'm guessing from the comments that it's some funny Laurel and Hardy stuff. I can really sympathize with old Oliver Hardy. The 1930s was their decade. Glad your high and dry.

    Happy MCW!