Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A little light musique...

I have always loved this voice...
It gets better with age.

I once drove 3 hours through flooding rains to see her live in concert.

The show was delayed by 4 hours due to the torrential rain which had destroyed the stage that she was to perform on.

Eventually the organisers managed to re set in a visiting circus tent which happened to be st up on the same site. It was standing room only and  as most people had cracked the shits with the weather and the waiting had gone home...
I stood in an intimate group of aboout 100 die hard fans and managed to find myself in the front row
 3 feet away from Tina and her band throughout the entire performance.

I will never forget that night.... dispite standing in soggy clothing and shivering my arse off.


It was well worth it Dhaarlings


  1. I was going to put rest in Peace Tina Arena but it was Tina Marie that's just died.

  2. I thought the same thing as Mitzi. Oh good. That makes this post much happier.

  3. Oh lovely. Just what I needed.