Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Now Showing at "The Palais"....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

It must be the last MCW for 2010 as Milk River Madaman has gone all foreign on us to finish the year.

The theme for this week is... 

"Favourite Foreign Actress" 

I first saw her in this...
with the wonderful Lena Olin and Daniel Day-Lewis

And then she popped up again in this...

Again with Lena Olin

But you guessed it... my Favourite Foreign Actress is

Juliet Binoche

In between times I just keep wishing that she would stop getting her tit's out in nearly every movie that she does..

Dame Judy Never Would!

Happy Movie Clip Wednesday....


  1. The only movie of hers that I've seen is Chocolat. Loved it.

    Favourite foreign actress? Being Danish they are all foreign to me. However I much prefer Sandra Bullock and Doris Day.

    Non American I'm not sure, probably Dame Maggie Smith.

  2. If she's "getting her tit's out in nearly every movie that she does.." I just may become a huge fan. Happy MCW.

  3. Yes, she is jolly good... closely followed by Audrey Tautou.

    I hope Ms Binoche has her chin up whilst her tits are out. Then Dame Judy would approve.

  4. Good morning Princess,

    I've not seen either movie. Although I must say, I'm with MRM. Like the old saying "Breasts can make the Karl grow fonder"

    Happy clip day!

  5. I've only seen her in Chocalat and 2007's Awake which wasn't all that good. I'm with the Madman and Karl (who surprises me all the time - breasts make the Karl grow fonder - bwahaha) that if she's getting naked, I need to look at some more of her movies. I'll have to see what Mr. Skin says about that.

    Happy MCW and New Year!