Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Lovers Lament...

Broken up with somone special lately?
Missing them like all get out?
Here's a little tune to help to convey your deepest feelings.

Oh... and there's only 6 more sleeps to Christmas...


  1. Damn I laughed.

    Have you got your Santa outfit sorted?

  2. guess who's coming home on christmas eve????!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  3. I have two work days left of 2010. Yay!

  4. That wasn't as painful as listening to Northern Irish country music.

    Just don't.

  5. I listened to a minute of it then YouTube froze.
    I count myself lucky, really.

    Bah! Christmas. Pah!

  6. Dear Roses,
    Santa's Suit is a sorted and the big event is today (19th). I board the Fire truck at 5 pm. then all hell breaks loose for the next 2 hours. First stop is the 50 oldies at the Nursing Home/ Hostel to hand out bags of toiletries and goodies. Then it is on to the Town Hall where the real fun starts! The organisers tell me there are 250 kids fom 0-12 yrs for Santa to hand presents out to this year! I think that is a record.
    Tune in on MCW for more exciting Santa adventures. There will be Photos!

    Dear Savannah,
    Ooo Lucky you! A Merry Christmas reunion!

    Dear Pete,
    Lucky you! Holidays are always a welcome relief from the work grind!
    Are you doing anyone... I mean anything special over the break?

    Dear MJ,
    Kevin is one of our lesser know Cultural Icons. He sings a lovely little tribute to Canada.
    I will post it here for you soon as a Christmas Treat!

    Dear Mr De Vice

    You tube can be very picky sometimes. Perhaps it has a sixth sense to shield ones delicate ears from such vulgarity?

    You're sounding a little like Ebineezerish. Cheer Up. This too shall pass...

  7. Damn! I was not alloweed to listen - as always!

  8. Dear Mago
    I'm sorry that the clip didn't play for you. "You tube" can be a "fickle mistress"

  9. Oh the hand jobs and the head jobs...once those go...

  10. Dear Leah

    Yes alas... once they stop you know it's over... either that or you've married...

  11. Have a brilliant time.

    It sounds like you are going to be one, knackered Santa.

  12. Dear Roses
    Knackered Santa Reporting in...
    Had another wonderful time. Dispite the confusion, piss poor organisation, and freezing cold downpour in the middle of handing out prezzies to the kids. Venue had to rapidly change to indoors, but still went off a treat.
    Santa has had 2 to many beers and is feeling quite pissed at present.
    It is al good!