Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year Has Cum...

Happy New Year Dhaaarlings

Princess and the Empress would like to thank all of our wonderful blog friends that visit the Palais throughout the year...  for your marvelous support and well wishes and never ending mischief and folly...
You have often made a very grim day much more bearable... and so it is with our heartfelt gratitude that we wish you all a very happy and healthy 2011.
All the way from
The Future!!!

 That is why this post may seem a little premature Dhaaarlings

But what is wrong with an early Kick off???

So yes... that's right Dhaarlings... I'm coming to you all the way from the future...

Personally I find New Year a time for quiet contemplation and reflection.

A time for summing up, reviewing, and making some small plans for the year ahead.
I think about loved ones that have passed, friends, family, acquaintances.
I think about New Family arrivals... New friends... Old friends that I have re connected with and new opportunities that lie ahead.
Who really knows what a new year will bring?
But as part of this reflection I also acknowledge just how grateful I am.
I have my health, I have Family and Friends to share my journey, I have enough money to survive, a roof over my head and food on the table and I am very thankful for this.

All is well in my world!
I realise that I do have a lot to Celebrate so Lets get on with it shall we?
 May 2011 be a better year for all of us...

And what's more...
You all get the scoop from Princess...

While preparing a little NYE Entertainment here at the Palais
And in tribute and Celebration of Miss Savannah's Birthday 

(Happy Birthday Dhaarling XXX)


My plans were suddenly brought to a screaming halt!

And I think it was the house boys that were doing most of the screaming....Possibly with excitement... I might add....

As I soon discovered... The cause of this ruckus was due to the Palais being rudely invaded by several of these...

 Yes....  Awfully Aroused Aliens....

Can you beleive It? ... And of all evenings to choose for an invasion...
How very dare they I thought...
But it's quite OK... After some discussion with their leader (pictured above) In which I expressed my excitement ... dissapointment with his...Lack of attire ...timing.. for an invasion of the Palais and.... that he might have done well to have informed me of he and his party's intentions as... with prior notice I would have gladly included them on the list of formal entertainment.... As it was... they seemed to be performing providing quite a lot of  sexual favours .... entertainment for many of my depraved delighted guests...

He then masterfully allayed my anxiety and embarrassment... by demonstrating .... assuring me that
They all came in Peace....
And well I had to Concur.... with each of them brandishing a Piece like that... How could they not?

So .... the corks are now frantically popping...

The champagne is being poured...

The fireworks are going off...

And while they are... lets take this opportunity to all gather around while joining naughty bits ... er..hands... and sing out the old year together.

Here's to a Healthy and Happy and  2011...

Full of good times friendship and continued frivolity and fornication ...Fun.

Let's Celebrate!

Now... with the formalities over
I'm off to avail  introduce myself one of those visiting aliens...
I think I saw one or two of them entertaining the houseboys in the Piano Room..

Meanwhile make yourselves at home and...
 If you need me.... you'll know where to find me.

I'll be helping accommodate my newest Space Friend 

Oh.... and don't forget to call by Boxers Mammoth NYE Marathon
Pop on over for a splash in the Vodka Fountain
So if I'm missing come over to Boxers and join us...

Now... If I can just coax one of these alien gents to accompany me...
Happy New Year Dhaaarlings...


  1. Sweetie, you had me going there... I know you're ahead of us... but surely I hadn't missed a day?!!
    Have a wonderful New Year, Princess!!

  2. happy new year, sugar! thank you sooooo much for the birthday shoutout! you are adorable!! xoxoxox

  3. Darling Princess, a delightful showing, especially the aroused alien!

    Love and happy, happy new year--

  4. Happy New Year in advance in case I get too drunk at Boxer's to pop over!

  5. Oh Hai Miss Scarlet, Miss Savannah and Miss Leah!

  6. Have you had the big dong at midnight already? Happy New Year

  7. The last day of the year is nearly two hours old here.
    Let me just wish you All the Best, dear Princess. Let me hug yah honey !

  8. Happy New Year!
    Turn it up to 11!

  9. happy new year princess!!! Looks like a helluva party over here. see you at boxers!!

  10. It's 2011 in's THE FUTURE in Australia!!!


  11. Happy New Year gorgeous!

    Save me an alien!


  12. When Chickory said adult entertainment...I sure didn't imagine this.

    Is the alien going to sing that new hit song?
    "Silver balls..."

    or...maybe not.

    Happy New Year!

  13. Happy New Year Princess!

    Mind if I do a little diving in that martini glass?

  14. Happy New Year Princess!! How does it feel to be on the other side? We'll catch up to you shortly.

  15. Happy New Year to Princess, the Empress, the Royal household and staff!!!

    May this new year be full of wonderful surprises, plenty of friends, and a healthy amount of good cheer, good food, and good times!!!