Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy NEW Year....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Princess has been busy making this charity Garland from Chickory 
Pop on over and find out how to make your own... and how it all works.

Many of the hosts are donating $$$$ to charities.

Boxer is going wild with 50 cents for every comment on her site so get the hell over there and start commenting ....Frequently!

Karl is filling his Koffee Kan with a dollar for every comment
left in his Korner...

It is part of the Mega NYE bloggerfest instigated by Boxer and co hosted by Troll, Buzz Kill, Moi, and Aunty Belle... and Karl

These wonderful bloggers have all linked together to provide the wildest NYE party evah!
So... What are you waiting for?

Oh... and after Chickory's little fireworks incident earlier in the day...
These Guys are on Standby

Clickerate on any of the links and join in all the fun...


I'll see you round the traps people.  I'll be "Helping" to drain Boxers vodka fountain...

And for your Musical pleasure while i'm out there are some blasts form the past here for your enjoyment...

And grab as glass of Champas below the clips while your here...

More Champagne?...

Bottoms up!...


  1. Happy Happy New Year Dear Princess!!!

    I just love your garland and love where you've hung in.

    You're doing a great job of representing your country for our party and thank you for everything you've done!!!!


  2. Happy new year Princess darrrrrrrling!

    A bit tiddied from champagne and cocktails. Hope you came into the new year with a proper bang.

    Nothing like the feeling and sound of corks popping and the fireworks surrounding it all.

  3. Wombats, and Roos, and Emus, and Drop Bears, OH MY!

    Wonderful garland, Princess!

  4. Happy New Year my darling.

    I love your garland. It's gorgeous.

    I woke up under a table and there's no one else up yet.

    Fancy a coffee?

    PS. Please, please, please can I borrow one of your firemen? I'll bring him back in a couple of days.

  5. Happy New Year, Princess!

    Thank you for a wonderfully entertaining and stud-filled 2010. I look forward to more of the same in 2011.

  6. Dear Boxer
    What a marvelous party and what a fab lot of co- hosters you have.
    We are all very blessed i think.

    Aw Shucks it was nothing... an absolute pleasure to help out...

    Dear Pete
    Your meant to be a little tiddly on NYE. Thanks for your lovely card by the way.
    Corks popping and fireworks are music to my ears

    Dear XL
    Trust you to be able to name all the critters including the Drop Bears ! Unfortunatley there wasn't a prize but did you like the tribute to the Coat of Arms?

    Dear Roses

    I'd love a Coffee, with a little milk no sugar please.

    You can take your pick of the 2 firemen left and centre... I've been astutely observing them all in action and the dark haired one on the right I have decided to marry... after seeing him deftly manipulate a hose with such skill
    and aplomb.

  7. Dear Mr DeVice,
    How lovely to see you...
    Trust you to apparate while I'm distracted with correspondance...
    you snuck right in under the radar!

    And thank you for all the coven capers over at the Castle! It is a pleasure to be aquainted with so many weirdo's! I feel very much at home....

  8. hey! great garland! i've been trying to visit all the bloggers who've made one.

  9. I'm so lax and lazy!

    And tacky...

    Happy New Year to Princess and the Empress.

  10. Dear Foam
    thanks for Calling by!
    Great Party at Boxer's, it was nice to mingle with so many fun and inelligent and creative people...
    Your Photograpy is great BTW....
    Happy New Year.

  11. Der Mr "Mean and Dirty" aka ayeM8y

    It is quite alright darling as i see you have been holding auditions! Nanny "Mistress Mc Phee" Mc Phee is a front runner I think... Alhough Dame Julie is my sentimental favourite...
    Happy Whatever...