Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Throw like a Gurl?....

According to Popular opinion...

Princess  throws like a Girl!

And in My early days as a catwalk modelle I walked like a girl too!


  1. You need to take catwalk lessons from CyberPete.

    He can run BACKWARDS in high heels AND operate heavy machinery!

    Okay, I might be lying about the heavy machinery.

  2. Everybody knows that it's impossible to walk whilst carrying a watering can.
    Erm... why is she carrying a watering can?

  3. Dear MJ

    Lets just say that after that disaster my career was very short lived. Im sure that Pete knows how to handle a powertool... but I will ask him for lessons... about the high heels thing...

    Dear Miss Scarlet

    I tried to explain that to the designer... But he insisted that it was part of his "Spring Collection" The damn thing smelt like Fish Emulsion.

  4. i throw as if my arm is disconnected under my skin! oh yeah, it's a fun sight to see! good luck with the high heel thing! xoxoxox

  5. Awww poor girl! It's not her fault she can't walk.

    It's not like we laugh at Bambi.

    Anytime you want coaching in the art that is walking in heels, let me know. I'm sure you know how to play with powertools. Perhaps you have more experience than I.

  6. I'd like to have these three blokes getting out of their Birkenstocks and walk the catwalk in some high heels, *hmpf*

  7. I think she was making an editorial comment on how ugly the shoes were.