Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now Showing at "The Palais"....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Sorry I'm a little late but it is getting just a tad wet around here and i'm feeling a little Esther Williamsish... as we are on flood alert here in Victoria while watching with the world as disaster unfolds in the northern states

Thankfully.. this weeks choice was easy... So thanks Madman

"Favourite Fantasy Movie"

Need I say more? Well I would... as you know but...
There is water falling from the sky and the back yard is getting very squelchy.
The Empress and I are safe and should remain so. But we are on alert....

Happy MCW.


  1. I hope you stay safe and don't meet any flying monkeys.
    Take care, Princess.

  2. thanks scarls
    We are still high and dry dispite some of the rain we have had today..
    thoe worst is forecast for tomorrow...

  3. I hope you have your car anchored somewhere securely.

  4. great choice, sugar! stay safe. xoxoxoxo

  5. Scarls
    Have you seen my car? A good wash in a flood would be a great improvement... and it is only a car when its all said and done... But things won't get that bad where we are.

    We are doin' fine Savvy

  6. I am still afraid of the Flying Monkeys, even though I am now one!

    Stay safe, mate.

  7. That's a perfect movie for a rainy day!

    Here's to wishing that you get more rainbows than rainstorms in the next few days...

    Stay dry and safe!

  8. My thoughts go out to Princess and her subjects in Australia affected by the floods. Keep your pecker up love!

  9. I agree. A brilliant choice of movie for a damp day.

    Here's wishing you lots of rainbows too my darling.

  10. Hi XL

    We are quite safe thanx mate.
    Some localised flooding with roads cut but nothing we cant cope with at the moment
    I may require an emergency vodka drop later in the week!

    Thankx Eros

    Theres no place like home.
    Even when it is wet. Dorothy is on a constant loop at the moment!

    thanx Mitzi

    Peckers need to be on high alert.
    do you know a good viagra supplier?

    thankx Roses

    Like i say we are doing fine compared to the poor buggers further North.

  11. You actually blogger jinxed Moi, but you posted first. Part fantasy, part dream - pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. I just saw a video a couple of weeks ago (I forget where) and it was a compilation of all of the movies and tv shows that used the line "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore". It ran for like 3 minutes and it was pretty cool.

    Good choice.

    Happy MCW!

  12. Hey, we blog jinxed! And even used a similar photo. Are you shoe-obsessed, too? :o)

    Happy MCW and I hope you remain safe and then dry out quickly.

  13. i wrote a dissertation on OZ at mois' but i agree with you this is hands down the best.

    happy MCW

  14. be careful down there! I'm hoping for the best.
    Let's hope there's no water or falling houses for that matter.

  15. Take care darling. Can't have you being washed away in that dreadful flood!

    I've seen THE ruby slippers in real life in LA. It was like the mother ship calling me homo