Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Little Light Musique...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

And a very good Morning/ Afternoon / Evening to you

Just the ticket for that New Year Hangover Dhaarlings...

Bottoms Up!...

Does my Arse look Big in this?


  1. One thing's for sure, there's no graceful way to start or stop bagpipes!

  2. Less bagpipes and more cocktails (and hot arses) I say!

  3. Make that a caffeinated cocktail, please.

    Make it strong...a real kilt-lifter.

  4. I'll have a glass of water...with some scotch please.


  5. Dear XL,
    Bagpipes really do have their own unique attractions!

    Dear Pete,

    Whan it comes to Bagpipes, I believe that less is more!
    Your not suggesting I insist on making all my guests sit on the cook top every time they visit are you?

    Dearest Mistress,

    It is comforting to know that you are still able to demonstrate your uncanny drinking... er.. leadership skills...
    Shall I prepare you a bucket of This?

    Dear mrpeenee
    Thank you for visiting the Palais...
    You Know that you are very welcome to vist again any time...

    And yes Bagpipes do look quite fine until someone starts blowing on them... Oh... you wern't referring to the bagpipes

    Dear Eros

    Cumming right Up

  6. Maybe not, they should be photographed and put on here for general inspection.

  7. Oh no. Can't cope with bag pipes today.

    That fine arse. Oh yes. I'll have more thanks.

  8. Dear Jason,

    As fine as a summer breeze...

    Dear Pete

    but i think the good mistress has that event in the bag already with her alluring arses does she not?

    Dear Roses,

    Neither can I but I felt strongly about sharing the pleasure with everyone...
    *tops up glass with more moet*

  9. Dear MJ

    I've decided to make a bulk order!