Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tantrum Time....

Hello Dhaaarlings

It's tantrum time at "The Palais"... and Princess...
 being her usual helpful self.... has found a chart showing some common positions that you might find instructive...

Try them out for yourself and let me know which one looks best on you....

Personally Princess Prefers the "Calm Before The Storm"

and let me tell you ... Lately the storm clouds have been gathering for a "Wing Dinger"

In the meantime... If the Cap Fitz...

Ahh... that feels better...


  1. I tend toward "calm before the storm" myself and it does terrible things to my blood pressure. I say throw a screaming banshee for a change of pace.

  2. Where is my shoe-up-yer-arse pose?

  3. Oh Hai MJ!

    Don't spill your cocktail while inserting the shoe.

  4. I have it down to a fine art, Hayward.

  5. Dear Hayward,

    Calm before the storm moves on to Screaming Banshee eventually for me...

    Dear MJ,

    Perhaps you adopt This as a starting position?

  6. No... Just a moment Dear Mistress,

    I've found you a "Shoe Up Yer Arse Position" it's Here

  7. That second link makes me feel positively Zen-like.

    wv: irail
    Why, yes, I DO!

  8. I tend to flip between Stomping Elephant and Wriggling Fish.

    It reminds me of my Rage'o'meter...

  9. i'm more the screaming banshee, but it's all inside, of course! xoxoxox

  10. Hey, I'm calm before the storm, too!

    Although, I believe I've done the stomping elephant, wriggling fish, and wet noodle when too much alcohol had done away with coordination and shame on the dance floor...Good times!

  11. I only do screaming banshee.

    Works wonders actually. It gets the entourage on their toes

  12. Wet noodle. Sorry.

  13. Dear Mr DeVice,
    Your Rage'O'meter would be a most appropriate accoutriment to adorn the palais

    Dear Savannah

    Screaming Banshee on the Inside?....
    Of course a Lady must maintain a visage of utter decorum...XXx

    Dear Eros

    What a marvelous vision of you on the dancefloor.
    You do make me giggle.

    I can recall moving through all of them one at a time when the bar had closed.
    Not even mooning the barman helped to persuade.

    Dear Pete

    "Screaming Banshee?" that does come as such a surprise!... who would have guessed?

    *desgcretely removes tonge from cheek*

    One can't have one's entourage idling...

    Dear Mago

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with a 'wet noodle'. No need for appology at all.

    I myself have been known to enjoy a "Wet Noodle" on many occasion.

  14. I'm move from Calm before the storm, smoothly into Kick the Cat. I've found it's important to do so with measured breaths.

    I'm so filching IDV's rageometer.