Monday, January 10, 2011

House Boy Hijinx....

Helloooo... Hic.... Dhaaarlings....

More Champagne Anyone?

I'm going for a fourth bottle.... Feel very free to join me here on the sofa...

But Before you do.... would you mind just clickerating that thingamejiggery

again for me?

Bottoms up Dhaaarlings...


  1. I think those silver lame shorts are disgusting. The height of bad fashion.

    They must take them off.


    Move over love and pass me a glass.

  2. They seem to fir pretty well though, Roses. I'd have to take them off him with my teeth.

  3. I was going to whinge about my internet connection and juddering Youtubes... but whilst Roses and Pete are distracted then I may as well nick all the champagne...

  4. It did load very slowly Scarlet. At least we had champagne to keep us occupied until the glory of the silver lamé pants was revealed.

  5. You're going to have to clean up that mess with a ShamWow.

  6. Dear Roses
    *Topping up glass*
    How lovely to shheee youu. Hic...
    Silver is soooo passe...

    Dear Petra

    Here... Take them off with my teeth Dhaaarling...

    *Removes false teeth and hands them to Petra*

    thimply thtunning thothe thilver shortth...

    Dear Miss Scarlet

    If you're going to whinge you may ath well have a bubbly whine while you're here.


    Thpeaking of unloading very thlowly... Have you finithed with my...hic... teeth yet?

    Dear MJ.
    I had to oogle Sham wow. thank you