Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Of drought and Flooding rains...

Thankyou all for your loving thoughts and prayers

The good news is that the relatives evaucated to Ipswich are all safe. One has lost their house it remains under 3 metres of water. And will do so for many days. The other three families are all surrounded by water and isolated but are  well above expected peak levels and all are safe and well.

And the evacuees in Ipswich managed to saved their pooch.
 Cat was last seen heading for higher ground... Thems Clever them Cats...

Keep prayin now... you're all doin fine!

Hey Noah! where'd you leave that shovel? There's a hellava mess down here....


Pray for us Dhaaarlings

This is how quick it is happening

Family and Friends Evacuated to higher ground...
Southern Queensland is now being inundated with torrential storms and flooding rains
Brisbane is preparing for castastrophic floods...
The death toll(10) continues to rise as do the number of people missing. (78)
Rescue teams have been unable to reach some of the effected areas due to the severity of the continuing storms....

The whole of the eastern seaboard is expecting this storm front to move slowly south with torrential rains predicted for My state of Victoria over night and tomorrow with falls of greater than 250 mm.

I spoke with a cousin in Queensland today who reported getting 370 mm / 15 inches since 9 am today and that was at 4 pm. Add that to the over 250+ mm recieved the day before and that will give you an idea.
 The rain has not eased up even at this time.

Massive evacuations are occurring in the central business district and surrounding suburbs of Brisbane.
With a minimum of 15,000 and potentially 60,000 people expected to be effected.
Brisbane sits at the mouth of the Brisbane River. King tides are expected for the next 2 days.

The Wivenhoe Dam Sits on the river above Brisbane and holds at capacity equal to twice the amount of water held in Sydney Harbour. It is currenly sitting at 198% full!
Water is being released which is adding to the flooding and inflows to the catchment are at 5 times their normal levels....

It just seems to be getting worse. With no end in sight.
Peak river levels are not expected for Brisbane until thursday. With levels expected to reach +5.5 Metres
My heart goes out to those communities that have experienced such tragic loss of life.

Devastsating Foods in 1974 claimed 14 lives

Flood warnings have just been issued in My state for another expected 250mm of rain over the next 3 days.
We have already had 50 mm in the past 24 hrs...

I really am building that Ark now... "Noah"... "Pass me the hammer"...


  1. Ohje, dear Princess ... it already is a catastrophe, but as you say, it seemingly will get worse. Good luck to you!

  2. Oh Princess!! Praying for you dear.

  3. That's like around here. We have two seasons: drought and flash flood.

    I hope any friends or family you have in QLD are safe.

  4. Eeeek!!!

    Hip waders are almost as unfashionable as Crocs!

    Stay safe, dahling.

  5. Morning Princess,

    Find some high ground and stay safe!

    The best of luck to you.

  6. thinking of you, sugar! stay safe and dry! xooxox

  7. Be safe and dry, Princess!

    I hope you and your loved ones and friends make it through safely.

    And when you start taking two of a kind of each animal into your ark, make sure to leave out the mosquitoes, the crocodiles, and the poisonous snakes! I'm sure they won't be missed after the flood recedes!

    Take care, Princess. I'll be keeping you and your countrymen in my thoughts.

  8. Take care princess , I am imagining you like Ester Williams making a show of yourself in the front yard.
    Keep that Mae West strapped in place

  9. Stay safe daaaaaarling!

    I shouldn't complain about our 5 cm of snow then.

    Hugs and kisses, 'Petra

  10. Oh, Princess, trouble like this just breaks the heart, you and yours are in mind and prayers.
    stay strong.

  11. A friend in BrisVenice is also in the line of the floods.

    The water flow on your video is as strong as the tsunami in 2004, but that stopped after an hour and receded. Here it just keeps coming. Must be terrifying.

  12. Oh honey.

    I'm thinking of you and praying you and yours are safe.

    Lots of love to you.

    I'm so with MJ, hipwaders just aren't a good look. All that rain will just ruin a good 'do'.

  13. Thinking of you, sweetie. It looks dreadful on the news.
    I will send you my water wings.

  14. Dear X Pat

    That footage was taken in Toowoomba QLD. Inland From Bris Venice and 700 m above sea level!!!!

  15. And Bitches... Thankyou all for your love and prayers and thoughts support... you are agreat bunch of mates.... oh and Damien OZ is high and dry, And Thanks for your Post MJ thoughtful of you really

    Mwha Mwha Mwah's all around...