Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rising Damp....

Hello Dhaaarlings...
Following on from previous updates...

I just though I'd let you know that the flood crisis in Victoria continues

The rain has stopped falling... but... the sheer volume of water continues to slowly creep northward through the flood plain. Wreaking havock on any farm, small town or Rural City in its path.

This is the Power Sub Station near the rural city of Kerang...  that supplies most of the power to the north west of the state.

It had been sandbagged to prevent the power being cut during the flood crisis but due to the increased amounts of flow a levee bank was rapidly built around the site as the existing sandbag walls were being overtopped by the water height.

This scenario has continued to occur within many townships as as the floodwaters continue to surge north... Levee banks neglegted through years of drought are either leaking or giving way or simply not high enough to withstand the unprecedented levels of water.  


There have been over 70 rural citys' and townships effected and that number continues to rise and that does not include the thousands of families on outlying farms that are now isolated. As the flood water is now moving slowly the inundation of properties is in many places lasting for a week to 10 days.

Satellite imagery below will give you an idea of just how much water is travelling through country..


The top image was captured by MODIS on NASA’s Aqua satellite on on January 20, 2011,

 the bottom image on January 22, 2010. Source: NASA-EO

compare and contrast if you will.

through a combination of State and Federal emergency services and community volunteer efforts

When faced with adversitiy Country folk tend to put aside their differences, roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes...

 to get through it together...

All that can be done is being done

 So... stand back and wait for the water to arrive...

Watch your crops and fields go under...

Watch your house slowly become inundated...
Evacuate and get to higher ground if you can... Otherwise your stuck for a few days...

Pray that your cattle can swim... 

And that the rabbits can't!...


  1. The amount of flooding in VIC, NSW, QLD is mind-boggling to me. Didn't know that was possible there.

    I feel badly for the bunnies, too. Sorry.

  2. Hi XL

    The Bunny's are cute but as an introduced species they have caused havoc to farmers here. Competing with both native wildlife and introduced cattle.
    They have in the past risen to Plague proportions and are considered a noxious pest with irradication programs remaining active to this day.

  3. Wow...
    Really just too much, MJ just made me feel warm, and now here is Princess making me feel dry...
    I've been keeping Australia in my heart & prayers..
    Hang Tough.

  4. Wally sounds like he's just had his nappy changed, doesn't he?

    Stay high and dry, Princess.

    p.s. I have wild wascally wabbits in my back yard. Send them here!

  5. Thanks Wally

    I think we are all struggling trying to comprehend the enormity of the events of the past few weeks here in OZ... and it continues... There is no one alive that can recall such flooding around these parts. Sure we have had floods in the past but never this big! And they are predicting more rain in the coming months!

    Dear MJ

    High and Dry is unfortunately a thing of the past at the moment. Folks think they're high and dry and then up comes the water...

    But it was fun changing Wallys' nappy...
    And i'm parcelling up the rabbits as we speak...

  6. Oh sweetie.

    I'm just gobsmacked at this. It's awful. Just awful.

  7. What kind of crop do we see drown there? Is there the Korn and wheat of this year vanishing? You will need to buy wheat?

  8. Dear Roses
    It is pretty awful... but at least the drought is broken...

    Dear Mago

    Wheat, Barley, Canola, Chickpeas,
    Chicken farms, Sheep and Beef Cattle, And many fruits and vegetable crops have all been effected. Sone fruits,grapes tomato and potatoes.
    In Queenslant the area wort hit was the "Food Bowl" Green vegetable crops Pumpkin lettuce tomatoes watermelon rockmelon, Mango Banana and Avocardo crops have been washed away or severely damaged. Not only that.. but the infrastructure has also been damaged so that seed and fertaliser suppliers plus freight lines for rail and road have been decimated as well... Things are not good and will only get worse for some time yet. The impact is only just starting to be felt and understood by many.
    I'm just glad that I have my own little vegetable patch to suppliment for a little while at least...

  9. I'm glad to hear your little patch hasn't been flooded yet (and hopefully it won't, either). Your wheelbarrow didn't start to float, did it?

    I can't begin to imagine the havoc the floods are causing there, but it's good to hear that people are pulling together.

  10. Oh my - Princess, you be careful, okay? I mean it...

    I suppose that there, as in the US, flood insurance isn't something people think about having until it's too late. The economic damage alone is mind-boggling enough, but I tend to focus on the people's lives that have been turned upside-down due to a disaster such as this.

    My best to all those affected...


  11. That's awful! I do hope you'll stay safe and dry my dearest.

    You only really see this thing in third world countries with no or limited infrastructure. You are right though, people come together through adversity.

  12. Sounds bad, Princess. The big fires in Russia led to a shortening of wheat in the global market. There were some bad harvests on rice. I think you will need your vegetable patch very soon.

  13. I've been missing you the last couple MCW's and keep meaning to come over and see what's been happening. I'm just a lazy selfish bastard for not putting it all together. I hope the worst is past and that you are safe and sound.

  14. I'm a Floridian from Melbourne.
    I know about invasive species.
    You are a Princess.

  15. Dear Mr DeVice

    The wheelbarrow remains high and dry... thank goodness.
    But thousands of others were not so lucky and the flooding remains a threat further north.
    The water is travelling so solwly now that it is taking over a week to pass some places before it starts to drop down again! One chap i know of near Kerang has been isolated on his farm for a week now already and he was just notified that there is more water coming his way and to expect it to rise in level!

    Hi Roxy
    I'm really doing fine.
    I agree with you about insurance, although many that thought they were covered are now in battle over tecnichal jargon as to wether the water came from "up above"= covered or "Down below" not covered. They don't mind taking your cash for years... until you want to claim.
    And yes worlds have been turned upside down for the little people.
    I spoke with a farming mate yesterdy who has lost 3000 of his 5000 head of sheep. Not to count the crops and fencing that has been washed downstream...

  16. Hi Pete

    Yes... whole communities are working together and not only that but total strangers are just turning up on people's doorsteps asking what they can do to help...

    Hi Mago

    It is still very early to assess the total impact but things are not looking good. the scare mongers are talking about havving to import more food but I'm not too sure of the validity of those reports. Some things may be in short supply for a while but long term who knows what the revovery will look like or how long it will take. We had more rain last night. Just enough to make the paddocks boggy again...
    I'm considering having razor wire fences built around the vege garden:-)

    Hey Madman

    Thanks for calling by...
    I've been a little too preoccupied of late to go to the Movies but hope to get myself back into the swing of things from next week.

    Fortunately we missed the worst of things here where i live but... 45 minutes drive in any direction copped it pretty bad. The clean up continues in most towns around and will go on for some time yet I'm afraid... Regardless Happy MCW.