Monday, January 3, 2011

Burn.... For You...

Hello Dhaarlings...

Princess always tries to be helpful....


  1. Do you also do 'After banana' wipes.... they might come in handy.

  2. Dear Scarlet

    I should have sent you some prior to your visit over to Mr Beasties Darling... will this help?

  3. Completely confirms my memory of John Farnham being a absolute dolt.

  4. Ah, the God of fire ... regarding the opposite, water: Your feet are still dry or are you standing in crocodile invested waters in your garden? I just saw pictures of Australia, a new lake district ... You mentioned earlier that some preparations need to be done - I hope it all works, the dams are firm and all!

  5. Those "After Curry Wipes" would come in handy at Cafe C.

    You must tell Beast about them.

  6. Dear Expat@large

    Yes, Dear John has had more farewells than Dame Melba herself!
    He is always doing "Last Concerts"
    Talk about come in suckers... I think he holds them every time he needs to feed the Taxman...
    And welcome to my humble abode...

    Dear Mago

    No weet fet here this week but my northern cousins are growing webbed ones...
    we are a vast country of contrasts.

    Devistating Flood in Queensland and New South Wales, Cyclones in Western Oz, and South Australia and Victoria with Floods prior to and bushfires over Christmas/New Year. And light sprinklins ov snow in the Hills the week before christmas!

    We did pray for rain to ease the drought. But nor quite this much!

    Dear MJ,

    I'm thinking he could provide them as a complimentaty treat when serving Ma Beasties Chick Pea Curry..

  7. i'm still LOL@RING OF FIRE WIPES! xoxoxo