Friday, January 28, 2011

On the Lam...

 Louboutin Lifter Lingers...

Police are hot on the glitter trail of the "Loboutin Lifter"... better known to all as "Miss Petra", star of the hit Musical "Fanny on a Swing"

Miss Petra was last sighted outside Franks Bar in Norwitch Engaland.

Interpol have now turned their investigation to France following alleged sightings of the Diva on the Champagne Elysee

Eye witnesses stated they were accosted by a franitc woman demanding large quantities of Moet and chocolates...

But Police have now turned ther investigations to Engaland once again

New reports maintain the Diva remains in the old Dart.

Head Chef "Mr Beastie" of the up market "Cafe C" in Dorset Engaland...
Stated to investigators...
"It was her alright. Turned up here in a tizzy demanding that I bake her a pile of Danish Pastries... told her we don't do foreign muck here.
Well... Didn't she get the rag on then... Stomping and wailing like a banshee... Poor "Mavis" thought she was wittnessing an audition to take over her "crap bingo nights"...  

Took me all of my charm... but.. eventually she settled for a plate of "Ma Beasties Chick Pea Curry" and a huge serving of my world famous "Kipper Surprise"... Sat there like a German woman Suckling pigs she did!."
Then ... as I was out cleaning the bogs... She did a runner....

Police investigations Continue...


  1. I knew there was more to the story....
    This clinches it, I'm pulling down the blinds & locking the door...

    (Mavis? Really?)

  2. Damn, this is funny.

    Best you start saving your sheckles gorgeous. Petra is threatening to come celebrate his birthday in London.

  3. @Wally: Click here to see Mavis Boyle (aka Mr. Frobisher): drag “artiste” and host of Crap Bingo with Mavis nights at Café C.

  4. I am being framed!

    I would never eat curry or kippers!

  5. *Waits patiently for horrific finale*

  6. Dear Wally

    All is not as it seems...

    Sorry about not introducing Mavis but see MJ's comment and link...

    Stay tuned and laa will be revealed

    Dear Roses

    Thank you... But do you mean "funny HaHa" or funny as in "strange"

    It's not meant to be either... I'm trying to do some really seriously serious journalistic reportage here.

    *removes tongue from cheek*

    Dearest MJ

    Thankyou for elaborating for Wally with the link to "Mavis" and "Cafe C"
    Princess can be sutch a thoughtless bitch sometimes... especially when on the trail af such a hot story...

  7. Dear "Petra"

    Kindly reveal yourself. All this gadding about is playing havock with my feet Dharling....

    Framed?... Framed? What on Eartha(Bless Her)do you mean? Is there more to this tale than meets the eye?

    If there is I'll bags an exclusive interview...

    But I digress my mission is to follow the trail if intreague....

    Dear Miss Scarlet

    That is a lovely offer... such patience is rarely found in one so young these days... Though must every expectation be horrific?
    Whatever happened to thrilling or spine tingling or down right crap?

  8. I think this is about the time where the evil twin comes in.

    Petra may very well wear Louboutins, star in awardwinning West End shows and go to sleep wearing nothing but diamonds and Chanel no. 5.

    That doesn't make Petra a cat burglar though. Petra is willing to do interviews. For a fee of course. Please call my management to set it up.

  9. * notes previous comments and waits patiently for spine-tingling finale *