Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Tracks of my Tears...

Hello Dhaaarlings...


It seems that my lower back has decided to desert me...

Any suggestions?


  1. A little Smokey Robinson always works for me.

    That and a team of houseboys giving me a thorough going-over, er, massage.

  2. Hi MJ
    I'm booked in for a thorough going over monday if I last that long. The pain is excruciating... probably not as bad as Satanic Cramps from Hell, but as i don't have the necessary offending organ... I guess i'll never know...

  3. Rx: Massive dosage of opiates!

  4. I think gentle massage, hot compresses and drugs are the only answer.

    Gentle hugs to you sweetie. Wretched that your back is playing up this way again.

  5. I was going to say 'I love you to tears' and link to the Kylie song Tears, but couldn't find it.

    Nice bum, can I borrow it for a while

  6. When my lower back was out of whack, I got a heavy dose of pain medication. Morphine tablets etc. And my hunky doctor took some of my clothes off, put me on his bed, got on top of me, put his arms around me and we rolled around.

    Not sure it worked but it was NICE!

  7. I'm with XL on this, massive dosage of opiates. Old school, you know.

    A hot water bottle could help between the shots ... it's Hexenschuss we talk about, yes? Then you need hot Fango or Teufelskralle, Weidenrindenextrakt, Cayenne-Pfeffer-Tinktur oder -salbe.
    Or just a bottle of booze and a hot bath in the mud.

    See your doc: He'll give you two shots in the back to relax the muscles and you can move without payne and all will shuggle in place.

    We ARE old farts now, arn't we?

  8. Oh, Princess. You've been sleeping on beds with a pea under the mattresses, haven't you? When will you learn?!

    I hope the "going over" works tomorrow.

    @Petra: Who is your doctor? I must have him.

    Uh, his number. I must get his number for emergencies...