Friday, January 14, 2011

Treading Water....

Up Date!

The rain has finally stopped falling.

This was at 4 pm in the afternoon yesterday.

and the back yard as a result..

And this morning...

The wheelbarrow is currently the temporary depth guage

45 minutes to the West of me... Whole townships of 800+ people are being evacuated as we speak and more along the rivers are preparing to do the same.

My Brother his wife and 4 children are now cut off by rising water levels but not in danger of requiring evacuation at this point.
As they run a small supermarket they are busy making up supply packages for the local relief and evacuation centres.
I'm feeling a little frustrated in not being able to get out there to assist them as the roads are closed and look like being so for the next few days.
At least we can stay in touch via the phone.

Keep us in your thoughts Dhaaarlings.

Hello Dhaaarlings...

It's still raining cats and dogs here...
 But nowhere near the amounts
seen recently in the north although we have had road closures and flash flooding with some evacuations occuring in the west of my state...
There is a flood warning for the Loddon River with the peak flows predicted to reach record levels

These are some pics I took of the Loddon River the last time this happened back in October/ November last year....

This was the day after the river peaked last time.
Unfortunately the road is cut off so I can't get out to update the Photo's of the current situation...
We fortunately.... are not under direct threat although I do have a new practice pool in the back yard again...
I may have to install a diving board in the morning as it has started to rise a little more than this.
I will check it again before retiring tonight....
And as the rain is forcast to continue tomorrow...
 I thought I'd better do some more practicing just in case.

When the weather settles, the roads re open and it is safe to do so...

 I will get some more photo's...

Till then...

 I guess I'll be relaxing with a nice long bottle of Vodka or 10...
Won't you join me?...


  1. absolutely, sugar! ;~D xoxoxoxox

  2. I will have an Absolute Vanilla, please.
    Happy soggy New Year!!

  3. I'm bringing a basket with a few bottles of Moët and some Beluga caviar etc. just in case you'll be isolated for a while.

    Glad you are safe darling!

  4. I'll have a Chi-Chi made with the citron, please.

    Oh Hai Savannah, Miss Scarlet, Pete!

  5. *Steps over dirty puddle with pointy toes and reaches over for an absolute mandarin*

  6. I start on this side and work myself through ...

  7. And here I thought wheelbarrows were only good for carrying things.

    Be safe and dry. And I hope your family comes through fine and safe.

    Enjoy a screwdriver!

  8. I'll have a gimlet.

    Nasty weather out there. I bet the umbrella sales have been brisk.

  9. Please can I start with the raspberry?

    I'm finding the footage of the floods more and more distressing. Brings back too many memories.

  10. A spicy bloody mary would be lovely this morning. You swim divinely Princess. Keep an eye on the crocs!

  11. Love to sit out in the backyard with you (or anyone for that matter) for a vodkatini or 10 - and apart from the water, I'd love to have a backyard again. (So long as one of your gardeners came to mow the lawn for me.)