Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Water Water Everywhere....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

I really do think that some people get about with their head up their Arse!

For those of you that may or may not follow the news...
 Australia over the past several weeks has been inundated with flooding rains from North to South of the whole Eastern Half of the country.

The southern half of Queensland
From the coast to the central borders have been underwater including areas surrounding Brisbane...
Resulting in unprecedented Damage to infrastructure and loss of life (currently 18, with 20 still missing) 
New South Wales has been similarly affected.
And now My home state of Victoria....

Bendigo is centre of the state and fortunately unaffected....
 but that is not the case for my northern and northwestern cousins...

If you were to draw a line from Bendigo through to Horsham in the East.
Imagine this

Moving slowly Northwards.

Inundating every town and farm in its path with a minimum of 1 m of water.

Blocking roads in and out for days...

Some 43 towns have been affected by the floods, said to be the worst flooding to hit northern and northwestern Victoria since records began 130 years ago. The water levels are unprecedented which is making the predictions of the emergency agencies imposible to get acurate as there are no figures regarding depths of water available, Most of the data guages are under water.

The towns of Echuca, Horsham and Kerang were expected
 to be hit by massive flooding as rivers in the ares peak overnight, reports say.
”The message to Victorians is that we are not out of the woods yet as far as this flood crisis is concerned,”
 the State Emergency Service spokesman said.
”In some of our river systems we are seeing unprecedented stream rises.”
"We anticipate parts of the central business district and areas to the
 west of the Campaspe river in Echuca to be impacted," he said.
“Rochester, on the Campaspe, which reached a record height of 9.5m,
far in excess of the previous record set in 1956,

 and Charlton on the Avoca, which peaked at 8.05m on Saturday, are among the towns worst hit so far,” a report said.
About 80 per cent of both towns have been inundated.

Due to most of the catchement dams being full proir to this rain event,
 the water authorities had to release major flows of water into the effected rivers adding to the exixting deluge of run off into the already full river systems.

At one stage Lannacoorie Weir was releasing over 5 times the
  ammount of water that would normally (40,000 mega litres a day) be released in a major flood. Readings stopped after the computerised data gathering equiptment was washed away.

The works done by the emergency services has been fantastic
 along with the Volunteer Firebrigades, State Emergency Services, Police, Ambulance and Workers at the relief Centres some of which have had to be further evacuated due to the height of rising waters...

This Crisis is not over yet and will continue for weeks ahead as the waters slowly creep northwards
And although it has stopped raining and the
water has subsided in many places the clean-up of inundated houses and businesses has only just started, and that's not including the loss of stock, crops, hay and fencing, roads bridges and rail lines that have been damaged or washed away.

What really shits me...
Are the number of Wankers in their cars...
Doof Doofing around through the flood water removing road closure signs
and making it dangerous for other drivers...
Rubbernecking and taking photos,
 Blocking the path of emergency vehicles trying to evacuate people in danger and causing bow waves that overtop the sand bags.

It wouldn't enter their head to get out of the fucking car and lend a hand...

And then they have the audacity to complain when the Police and residents tell them to Fuck Off!

Some people really do have their head up their arse...

And if it's not there already...

I'll volunteer to help them accomplish the task... 


  1. "As long as there's one drop of gasoline in my tank ..."

    I hope the wheelbarrow stays in your garden and does not get washed away!

  2. Yep, it beggars belief when some people behave like this.
    Give them a slap from me whilst you're sorting them out.

  3. Please do what you need to do to stay safe! Take no chances! It's just stuff!

  4. Pull up your skirts, Princess. Don't let the water ruin your dress!

    On a serious note, I hope those floods start receding now, and that you and the Empress remain safe.

  5. I hope you've had the houseboys box up your shoe collection, vacuum pack your fabulous ball gowns and wrap your tiaras in bubble wrap.

    Honey, my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. Keep safe and dry.

  6. What Roses said, and keep safe my darling.

    Pull up your petticoats and gown and don't spill your drink.

    My thoughts are with you. Thank you fir the updates. In Denmark they've moved on to news of hospitals around here refusing intensive care for old people and some guy who set himself on fire in Haiti (?)

  7. Dear ALL

    The Empress an I are totally high and dry and very safe. Thank you all for your well wishes and concern.
    The flood waters are moving slowly Northward AWAY from us.

    We remain concerned for friends and family in the northern townships that are still under threat from this slow moving barrage of water.

    Water flows are unprecedented and this makes forward planning for the
    authorities very dificult.

    Places that have never been flooded in their history are now facing rising flood waters.

    Many of the towns that are built on known flood plains have existing levee banks which are unfortunately being overtopped or have started leaking due to the sheer volume and force of water.

    Creeks that run into most of the large rivers which have never had water flowing in them for over 100 years are suddenly full and adding to the crisis. As a result of this some towns that experienced the first peaks are now having second surges of water at even higher levels.

    As for the wheel barrow... it is now high and dry and the Empress has it stacked higher with more garden waste and debris.

    Thanks again for your concern.
    I will continue to post progress reports for any of you that remain interested in how things are panning out... But for now we are safe...

  8. Thank you for the update. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones