Monday, December 20, 2010

You can't say That in Canada....

This was news to me Dhaarlings...

Just Remember your Velvet Gloves...

Oh... and there are only 5 more Sleeps...


  1. It’s true!

    You CUNT say cunt in Canada.

    You should see the dirty looks I get when I do!

  2. it' surprising the things you can learn on blogs, sugar! who knew? xoxoxoxox

  3. The frequency with which MJ says cunt, makes me disbelieve that song.

    'Gateway to her guts'? Excuse me?

  4. Dear MJ

    Thank you for your affirming word.

    There just does't seem to be the same appreciation for the Engrish language in some parts anymore...

    Dear Savannah

    I know!... I was shocked... shocked I tell you when this clip appeared here. Of all the places it could have chosen... I am appalled. :)

    Dear Roses

    Kevin is such a "Romantic" with his lyrics. A true Cuntural Icon.

  5. Wow. As Savannah said,

    who knew?

    Hey! I'm having a New Year's party and I'd like you to come......

  6. p.s. would you be someof my "Entertainment" for the party? Post some of your favorite music?

  7. Dear XL

    Yes. "C" words can be quite the trap at this time of the year or any time throughout it for that matter...

    OH Boxer,
    That sounds like a wonderful invite! Thank you, and I'd be happy to pop up some favourite bits of music...

  8. Roses: I swear, it's true.

    Thus making Mistress MJ incredibly pent-up with the C word thus making her spew it all over the Interweb.


    Ahhhhhh...that feels better.


  10. Dear MJ and XL,

    Have you two quite finished?

    I'm happy to provide a forum for you to vent your pent up CUNTS AND CAKES.
    But the place is now festooned with the damn things.

    I'm feeling like the Cunt that just jumped out of th Cake!

    At least the cleanup will stop the houseboys from shagging each other for a moment or two....

    The Empress is running about like a Lady McBeth screaming "Out Out damn Cunt" in one breath... then "Out Out damn Cake" in the next" She's demented i tell you...