Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Now Showing at "The Palais"....

Hello Dhaarlings...
Wednesday has rolled around again and thanks to Milk River Madman, who is still conscienciously carrying the can in comming up with themes every week. He has provided us with another challenge (In advance which is nice) as we approach the final weeks of 2010.

This weeks theme is....

"Most Overrated Movie"

With all the Hype surrounding the usual release of Bond movies I had really looked forward to this next installment.
I liked the brooding muscularity of Daniel Craig in the remake of Casino Royale
Finally a Bond with balls and the physique to match.

But with this I was horribly disppointed...
A Darker Bond Certainly...
Motivated by the "Power of the Crotch"  and seeking revenge... Yes.

Could this movie herald the death of the "Bond" Franchise?
I think So...

Happy MCW


  1. I thought Jurassic Poke was overrated.

  2. Thanks to your review, I need never bother watching.

    I'm busy with Mitzi's "Toughest Pubs in Britain" series anyhoo.

  3. This Bond-thing never grabbed me. Fleming was an interesting man.

  4. I didn't care for this much either and I have every Bond film on vhs or DVR. I really don't care for "M" being a woman. Sexist I know but in the old Bonds "M" made a couple of brief appearances and was gone. More cool spy stuff. That's what Bond is about. Not this semi-Greek relationship between Bond and M.

  5. I avoided the Daniel Craig Bonds like the plague. He just didn't do it for me.

    Actually, I quite liked Judy Dench as M. It was good to see Bond not getting away with murder with a woman.

    I avoided the Craig Bond, simply because the timeline of these two movies doesn't fit with any of the other. He never worked with Judy as M before Golden Eye.

  6. Is aghast at Roses disparaging the lovely Daniel Craig!

    I think he has the caged nastiness that none of the other Bonds showed - they were all too nice for you to believe that they could be ruthless enough to do whatever it takes to achieve the end. And to see Dame Judi's attempts to control the beast is a joy.

    Having said that, I dont remember much about the film except for the opening sequence with the parkour (building jumping) in Italy so that tends to suggest that it may not have been one of the better scripts.

  7. Good morning Princess,

    I haven't seen this one. Not that I avoided it, I just didn't get around to it. If you're going to enjoy a Bond film, it's probably best to turn your brain off of the door and just let it happen.

    Good clip day to you.

  8. I pretty much lost interest in the Bonds after Roger Moore. From what I've seen of previews to Quantum of Solice, Craig seems to be the least sophisticated and darker (as you said) of the Bonds. Is it overrated - I really couldn't say?

    Happy MCW!