Thursday, December 2, 2010

A little Something for Petra...

Look who I found lurking in the bath...


Once I managed to wrestle him out of the tub
He explained that he had nowhere else to wash his socks...
I just hope he doesn't leave a ring... Dhaaarlings.


  1. But he doesn't have a bath-side Blog-book like IVD.

  2. Dear MJ
    "But he doesn't have a bath-side Blog-book like IVD."
    No. I did ask him about it though... and he's inspired to get one after visiting IDV's Blog.
    He does assure me however... that he does some of his best work in the bathtub...

    Dear Jason
    Mmmmm indeed...

  3. A pretty hunk of a man. I have no idea who he is. I saw nothing of the films or tv thingies listed in his wikipedia article.

  4. Do send him over once you're done with him.

    I'll wash his socks and more.

  5. Dear Mago.
    You are such a studious soul.
    I've not seen much of his shows/movies either...I'm just happy to watch him..

    Dear Pete
    I'mm...not qu..quiii..quiiiite finished with him as yet....

    I'm just getting him to take care of a few little things that have'nt been seen to in a while....

  6. I foound him lurking in my bath once, so I put a glass over him, slid a piece of paper under the glass and released him into the garden.
    I thought he was still living under the rhodedendron but he obviously found is way to Oz. Next stop Denmark it seems?